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We love to work with people who are highly motivated and have a passion for DevOps and Open Source.

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Experienced professional

You only want to work in an Open Source environment, both during internal projects as well as during consultancy assignments. We encourage your presence at technology conferences, and our flat company structure allows you to advance your ideas.

Young graduate

You are looking for a first challenge and are eager to work with the newest Open Source technologies. We train you into using basic principles so you can quickly adapt your toolset. During our monthly meet-ups, you receive training, by your colleagues who share their knowledge with presentations and workshops.


You are looking for relevant work experiences while learning from the very best Open Source experts. We help students during an internship or student job during the summer. As a student, you work on a dedicated assignment, and an experienced colleagues will guide you.

Penguin Fact

Penguins are loyal to their nesting site. At least once a month, they return to the home base to enjoy presentations and workshops given by their fellow mates.

Working as an Open Source consultant

Working in consultancy brings along some questions on what to expect of your assignment. We will guide you into finding the right challenge.

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The Inuits values

Open Source

We interact as friends and continually share our knowledge.


By listening to the ideas of all employees, we are able to be innovative.


Technology is a fast-paced industry, and solutions are found by working together.


Inuits is a growing company and you decide how you want to develop your career.