Open Source Café Presents: The Office On Tour

The Open Source cafe is a series of events for students where you can learn more about Inuits and our culture. Every event will feature two Open Source enthusiast sharing their passion for technology.

Bring your friends and enjoy an evening of beer and pizza before heading into the night!

Corda Campus | 02.03.2023 - 17h

We will explore the world of Linux, Open Source, and DevOps. Our open source consultants will talk about their experiences and how to adopt more open source in your day-to-day. Join us

The Beacon | 21.03.2023 - 17h

We will talk about MLOps and how Tesla leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning. We will also discuss SOLID and how these principles create better applications. Join us

De Krook | 30.03.2023 - 17h

You can never start soon enough with using Linux, so we will introduce a survival guide for Linux in a Microsoft school environment and talk about open source consultancy. Join us

Penguin Fact

Penguins live in communities, making it easier to find others who are passionate about Open Source.

What Unites Us All

Open Source

We are active in open source communities and contribute daily to the evolution of these technologies.


We work with multifunctional and autonomous teams and achieve our goals by working together.


We are like-minded people who love to laugh and that becomes very clear after working hours.


We love exploring new technologies, and open source allows us to focus on innovation.

The Inukshuk As Our Cultural Symbol

The Inukshuk represents leadership based on friendship and collaboration. It provides a safe path for those who join our Open Source community

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