Our Open Source Stories

We all have our own story, but what connects us all is a passion for Open Source and technology. At Inuits, we aim to create a working environment where you feel comfortable and that boosts your talents.

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Robin | Linux System Engineer

“For me, Inuits is special because of the nerdiness and because everybody can be themselves. There are a lot of different people with a lot of different interests and hobbies. The company chat is never quiet, and there is always something new to learn there.”

Bram | Software Developer

“A shared passion for open source with all my colleagues is fantastic. During the monthly meetups, we share our passion in presentations and workshops over a drink.”

Jan | Operations Shepard

“I see our organization more as a community. What I like very much is that you can have talks with everyone, no matter what level and topic. I like the openness and transparency.”

Birgit | Linux System Engineer

“We have this open and inclusive culture. Inuits is a very dynamic company as well. There is a lot of room for people to follow their own interests within the company.”

Jeroen | Project Manager

“The flexibility you get at Inuits is very fun. During lunchtime, I can go for a walk or a jog with my colleagues. Some of them became friends rather than colleagues.”

Christophe | Linux System Engineer

“What I like about Inuits are the projects and the customers. In a way, we have the luxury to choose the customers who believe in our company culture and values.”

Penguin Fact

Penguins are loyal to their nesting site. At least once a month, they return to the home base to enjoy presentations and workshops given by their fellow mates.

The Inukshuk As Our Cultural Symbol

The Inukshuk represents leadership based on friendship and collaboration. It provides a safe path for those who join our Open Source community

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What Unites Us All

Open Source

We are active in open source communities and contribute daily to the evolution of these technologies.


We work with multifunctional and autonomous teams and achieve our goals by working together.


We are like-minded people who love to laugh and that becomes very clear after working hours.


We love exploring new technologies, and open source allows us to focus on innovation.