Marketing internship

Inuits is an Open Source company with a strong team of professionals. Continuous growth results in a company with more than 100 Open Source experts spread all over Europe. We believe true innovation is possible when the Open Source mentality lives in every aspect of a company. By working together and knowledge sharing we have become Open Source experts. We are an Open Source shop, continuously searching for new talent to join our tribe.


We are looking for a sales/marketing intern to enforce the Inuits team. Do you have a passion for technology, and can you translate technical projects into clear communication? Do you know your way around social media, and do you have the skills to create textual and visual content? But most of all, are you passionate and eager to learn new things?

Then you must be the marketing enthusiast we are looking for!

Benefits of working at Inuits

  • Monthly company meetups during which we organize technical training in a relaxed environment.
  • We encourage you to pursue your ideas and interest and provide the opportunity to evolve within your role and career.
  • You can attend or speak at industry-specific conferences all over the world during work hours.
  • You will work in a friendly environment, which will make you feel at home and where truly everyone is always ready to help.
  • We organize team events during which your family and friends are also welcome to join.

Five steps to join Inuits

  1. You apply: Send us an email with your resume. If your profile is what we are looking for, we will contact you within one week.
  2. We call you: In a first phone call, we run over your necessary information and motivation. We will schedule the first meeting.
  3. Interview & screening: Our recruiter will talk about your ambitions. Secondly, you will speak with an expert about your technical experiences.
  4. Meet our tribe leader: In the last meeting, you will meet our tribe leader. You will talk more in-depth about your skills, the job description, and who you are.
  5. We propose an offer: Are you ready to dive into Open Source?

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